Why Choose Us?

Junk It Store It are professionals with junk hauling and storage.

We offer eco-friendly junk removal and storage for your personal items to both homeowners and businesses. Here are some reasons to choose us for you junk hauling needs:

  1. You pay only for what we haul. Pricing is based on how much we load.
  2. We don’t charge any hidden fees. Everything is quoted upfront!
  3. We’re one of the only junk-removal companies that also offers storage solutions!
  4. We offer free estimates!
  5. We’re a local company! So you’re supporting your community.
  6. You can count on us for prompt, professional and timely service!
  7. We’re environmentally friendly. We don’t just haul everything to a landfill. We recycle or donate everything that can be recycled or donated!
  8. Our rates are lower than our competitors!
  9. We clean up when we’re finished.
  10. We have some of the nicest people in the business. We run background checks so you know it’s safe to invite them into your home.