Storage Options

Junk It Store It provides eco-friendly junk removal and storage solutions. We help you reclaim your space by removing your junk, trash, and recyclables, or storing any items you’d like to keep.

Who might need storage options, Portland OR:

  • People who need temporary extra space to house guests
  • Homeowners with improvement or renovation projects
  • Schools and educational entities
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts
  • City/state agencies
  • Businesses in need of temporary assistance due to repairs, moves, or renovations
  • Realtors and home staging companies

If you or your business has a waste removal or storage need, we can help!

When you call us at 503-397-2865, we’ll explain our all-inclusive pricing and schedule a pick-up time that’s convenient for you. We’ll take and donate, recycle, or properly dispose of all unwanted items. We’ll haul away the things you don’t need, and take the items you want to keep to our secure, dry storage units.

Free up some space. Call Junk It Store It for a free estimate.

Let professionals from Junk It Store It provide you with storage solutions so you can reclaim your space.

Don’t put it off. Call us. We’ll take it from here.

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