Cleaning out your graduate’s old room

Have a child who is leaving for college this fall? Here are some tips for reclaiming that now-extra bedroom and getting ready for back to school.

Sort, sort, sort. Start by making piles. Things to go to college like clothes, school supplies and decorative items. Things to put in storage like memorabilia from high school, collectibles, and yearbooks. And things that can be recycled, donated or disposed. If your child’s room is like many, there’s a lot that falls into the latter category. Junk It Store It can help with removing and storing items.

Clean. With the room now empty, you’re now faced with that pile of dirt and debris underneath the area that used to be their desk, dresser or bed. A good vacuum is a great place to start. Wipe down walls, floors, window ledges, baseboards and blinds.

Repurpose. That now-vacant room can now become that craft room, home office, home theater, guest room or any other room you’ve wanted!